FOZ DO IGUAÇU: Tips for your experience through the Brazilian side of paradise

iguazu falls

Iguazu Falls | Cataratas do Iguaςu | Brasil


Brazilian Side to Iguazu Falls

Our biggest tip at WCB is to hit the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls one day and then the Argentinean side another.  Stay at a hostel in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil where there’s nightclubs and bars, and ask your hostel for information on busses to enter the falls from Puerto Iguazú in Argentina for at the very least the next day.  Don’t skimp your trip and plan to see a waterfall in a day.


Brazilian legend tells God slashing the Iguazu River In rage into what now forms the border of Argentina after his fiance Naipí fled with a mortal lover, condemning them to be apart for eternity.  In modern day this is Iguazu Falls, one of the seven new wonders of the world with two national parks and three countries sharing the gem of SA.

Vital Info.

There’s actually access to Iguazu Falls from three cities in the three bordering cities: Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil; Puerto Iguazú, Argentina; and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.  The border of all three countries is a popular tourist point, but the Paraguay immigration regulations are much stricter than Argentina and Brazil.  Chances are unless you’re a native South American you will need a visa to enter Paraguay.


  • Get at least two days to spend in the park, one day hiking the Brazilian side and one day hiking the Argentinean side.  The Argentinean side walks you right through the falls, not to miss and you’ll want more time on this day.
  • Get there by an overnight bus (PLUMA recommended).  There are two airports which can be confusing, and you have to immigrate yourself if you chose to fly.
  • Bring your passport.
  • There’s an entrance fee. Bring a student ID.
  • Town is about 15 minutes away.  Surprisingly there are clubs and don’t think just because the local town doesn’t scream posh that they will not still be outrageously expensive.  But, If you’re paying more than 20 euros a night for a hostel, you’re paying too much.
  • REMEMBER: Misiones is the Argentinan side, Paraná is Brazilian side.

*All photos of Brazilian side of Iguazu. Contact WCB or post below for questions.

iguazu falls rainbow

iguazu falls brazil glance at argentina side

iguazu falls crooked landscape

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